Approachable, Confident, Human

By selecting, designing and implementing the the right sonic sources, we will design a landscape that will encompass the Genton identity. Approchable, Confident and Human.

Bass Guitar Rhythm

Muted bass guitar will propel the sonics of our brand and give a sense of technology without being cold or synthetic.

Electric Guitar Rhythm One

Electric guitar rhythm will elevate the motion of the bass by providing higher sonic colors.

Electric Guitar Chord One

When Coupled with a long reverb, Guitar chords will give us a sense of proportion and confidence while grouding us in a familiar sonic space.

Electric Guitar Chord Two

As well, a guitar chord without reverb can make our sonics more personal and inviting.

Reverse Electric Guitar One

Maniupulating audio by reversing it will sonically pull us into the apex of our sonic statment.

Acoustic Guitar Chord

Adding Acoustic Guitar will strengthen our statement whilst bringing warmth and relatability to the sonic composition.

Acoustic Guitar Notes

Playing our brand melody on acoustic guitar will bring that relatability and brightness to our composition.

Low Piano Chord

Lower Piano Chords will Ground our sonics with resolve and confidence.

Low Bass Drum

A low, soft, percussive beat will give us rhythm and anticipation.

Warm Pad

Warm synthesizer pads can help to warm up and fill out our sonic landscape.

Airy Synth Pad

Airy Synth Pads will bring a sense of epic positivity.

Synth Bell One

A Warm Synthesizer Bell will reinforce our sonic melody through elevation.